Regional Academies

Lasting two weeks, regional academies bring together participants from neighboring countries to focus on a specific Global Environments Network theme, and to witness compelling case studies of environmental resilience, ecological restoration and community adaptation to change. These events are hosted by Global Environments Summer Academy alumni from strategically placed academic and non-profit institutions.

We are currently beginning to organise a Mediterranean Regional Academy in Morocco, to take place towards the end of 2017. We are also exploring the potential for a Central American Regional Academy to be held in Guatemala, a South Asian Regional Academy and a Central Asian Regional Academy.


Past Events

Latin American Academy of Socio-Environmental Leadership – Dominican Republic

The first Latin American Academy of Socio-Environmental Leadership (ALLSA) 2015 (Spanish title: 1a Academia Latinoamericana de Liderazgo Socio-ambiental), under the auspices of the Global Environments Network, was held in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic, 13-22 November 2015. Entitled Transformative Environmental Learning: Our relationships with biocultural landscapes, the academy gathered 35 participants and facilitators from 13 countries in the beautiful natural landscape of Jarabacoa in a co-learning space empowering young socio-environmental leaders to act and inspire!

ALLSA 2015 group photo

Participants in the gardens of El Rancho Baiguate, the venue that hosted ALLSA in Jarabacoa. (Felipe Rodriguez Moreno)


ALLSA 2015 is fruit of the motivation of GESA alumni, with the support of the Dominican National Institute of Education and Training. Read a blog post by Ana Elia Ramón Hidalgo (GESA 2014 alumna, Spain), one of the co-organisers, here (Spanish version).

For detailed information in Spanish, click here.

Visit our GEN Events page for more details on past and upcoming GEN events, including our regional academies.

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