About GEN


The Global Environments Network (GEN) gathers inspiring changemakers who are actively seeking solutions to environmental and social problems. This collective leadership network promotes social and environmental justice, strengthening wellbeing at scales from local to global.

The GEN community draws on strong academic, professional and fieldwork backgrounds to develop practical actions – typically out of the public eye – that improve local livelihoods, resolve conflicts and restore environments. These inspiring efforts are benefitting their communities, their countries and potentially the world as a whole. Yet many emerging environmental changemakers operate in isolation; they lack opportunities to engage meaningfully with experts from other fields, to test and co-develop ideas to resolve socioenvironmental problems across scales, and to develop their vision and leadership in a network of peers.

GEN responds to these needs as a global action network with the goal of reaching thousands of people around the globe. Since 2011, we have held six summer academies, four regional academies and four community environmental leadership exchanges, all organised or co-organised by GEN members. GEN also provides technical, financial and intellectual support to members through projects and partnerships, including collaborative grassroots projects, convenings, shared learning initiatives and joint action.

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