Rolex logo 125*125 Through its exceptional patronage, philanthropic and educational programmes, the Rolex Institute encourages excellence in many fields around the globe. The Rolex Institute supports those who make significant contributions in the arts, sciences, innovation, education and exploration – initiatives designed to advance human knowledge and improve the quality of life on our planet.
Salvia Foundation logo 125*125 The Salvia Foundation is a non-lucrative organization with exclusively charitable objectives. The objectives are – to encourage and develop a better protection of the global environment based on the study of nature with a holistic approach (namely, scientific, systemic and qualitative); to promote the education of children along the same holistic approach, enhancing the full development of a child’s capacities – intellectual, emotional and social – by favouring alternative educational programmes; to encourage studies on the phenomena of conscience and a better understanding of personal and transpersonal psychology aiming to improve and resolve conflicts between individuals and peoples with an emphasis on personal autonomy and responsibility; and to encourage progress in the field of democratic and parliamentary systems of government favouring the general interest.
Burgergemeinde Bern logo Burgergemeinde Bern serves the Bernese population and promotes the cultural, social and scientific life of the city of Bern. Burgergemeinde unites values such as tradition and continuity with the challenges of the future.


Additional financial support is provided by

The following organisations have directly supported individual GESA participants’ involvement in GESA:

Additionally, many GESA participants have obtained support from their respective institutions to participate in the Academy. Individual donors have also supported the costs of scholarship recipients through our Support 100 Global Emerging Environmental Leaders campaign on

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