Aini Hasanah binti Abd Mutalib

Sunday May 20, 2018

Aini Hasanah binti Abd Mutalib



My name is Aini Hasanah and I am currently a PhD candidate at Universiti Sains Malaysia, doing my studies on orang utan conservation in Malaysia. At the same time, my colleagues and I co-found an NGO, namely Malaysian Primatological Society (MPS). MPS is the first registered and established NGO in Malaysia to focus on Malaysian primates. We have a number of research projects such as Primate Watch Malaysia, Langur Project Penang, Night Spotting Project, Macaca Nemestrina Project and Gibbons of Peninsula Malaysia. We also actively participate in public outreach programmes.

Public outreach programme with schools.

I have a Masters in Conservation of Green Sea Turtles in Terengganu, Malaysia and I used to work with WWF-Malaysia in the field. Working with WWF-Malaysia is one of the best experiences I have had as it provided me with a good training ground in the field and with communities. I am looking forward to more community-based conservation projects as it could lead to sustainable environments, stable productivity and nature conservation.

I train students in the field and in classrooms on statistical analysis for orang utan projects in Malaysia and currently am on the project team for Primate Watch Malaysia. I really hope to contribute toward primate and forest conservation in Malaysia. Not only do our forests provide many functions for humans’ quality of life, but they are also iconic, heritage and endemic treasures. My hope is that primate and forest conservation efforts could be effectively, efficiently and collaboratively done so that more productive outcomes could be achieved.

Read more about Aini in “Introducing Malaysian Primates: One branch at a time”.

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My research team partner and I doing observation in the field with UAV.

Observing orangutan in the field.

My NGO colleagues and I met Jane Goodall at a talk.

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