Anna Varga presents at the 11th Hungarian Conference on Conservation Biology

Sunday December 31, 2017

Inspired by my experience at the London Conservation Optimism Summit in April, 2017, I presented, along with my colleague Niki Darányi, at the 11th Hungarian Conference on Conservation Biology (MTBK) on the theme of conservation and optimism. Niki is a conservation biologist and a biology teacher and became fully engaged in the movement when she heard Andrew Balmford speak at the Student Conference on Conservation Science in Tihany (Hungary). Niki spoke around the theme of optimism in general, and how it can be applied to conservation practices, citing some good examples.

As a GEN alumni and assistant research fellow at the Centre for Ecological Research of the Hungarian Science Academy, I shared my personal experience about the Conservation Optimism Summit in London and I introduced E. O. Wilson’s Half Earth/Whole Earth theory, which has previously been presented in a GEN session (at the summit). Feedback was encouraging and many audience members approached us after the conference to express their interest and demand for a more positive atmosphere in this branch of science.

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