Anna Varga

Saturday October 03, 2015



Anna Varga 

GESA 2011  |  Hungary  |  Biologist


I plan to develop my career as a scientific adviser for farmers and national parks, leading the way in conserving diverse biocultural systems.

For my farmer grandparents, the need for nature and culture to be in harmony was evident.

I enjoy interacting with a varied range of people to promote nature conservation. As an active environmentalist since secondary school, I am extremely motivated and passionate about the link between biological and cultural communities. For my research – which explores landscape history, botany and traditional ecological knowledge – I am interviewing shepherds, farmers, NGO representatives and rangers of national parks.

I possess broad practical experience in networking and group leadership. I am a leader of the Hungarian Association for Land and People. I am a member of the Eastern European Ethnobiologists. I am a student representative of the Board of the International Soceity of Etnobiology. I intend to further develop the local, national and international networks of environmental biologists that I am already part of, with the addition of the GESA 2011 attendees.


Achievements & Updates:

Anna VargaAnna was named Assistant Research Fellow at the Centre for Ecological Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences in September 2013. Her research is about the traditional agro-forestry systems, especially the wood-pastures. After the three-year fellowship she would like to join to community conservation work or either work as a researcher to encourage the understanding of the relationship between land and people in the Carpathian basin.

Anna is the leader of the Hungarian Association for Land and People, the association that organizes the “Land and People” club in two different universities. She is also a student representative of the International Society of Ethnobiology’s Board (2012 to 2014). [Updated December 2013]

Anna is currently involved in the four-year research project, AGFORWARD (AGroFORestry that Will Advance Rural Development), funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7). She holds a key role in the working group, High Natural and Cultural Value Agroforestry, focusing on Hungarian wood pastures. [Updated December 2014]

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