Aysen Eren

Saturday October 03, 2015



Aysen Eren 

GESA 2011  |  Turkey  |  Industrial Engineer


I am the founder of Sustainable Living Games, a personal development approach based on direct learning while playing group games that create awareness about environmental problems, sustainable living and community building.

I have Masters’ degrees in both Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. I am an activist collaborating with several environmental groups in Turkey concerned about nuclear energy and genetically modified organisms. I am also a photographer, having contributed to several photography exhibitions that use images to create awareness about environmental problems. Currently I design and run educational programs for children, youth and adults to create awareness about environmental problems, reconnecting to nature, sustainable living and community building.

Aysen ErenAysen returned to GESA in 2012 as a resource person with funding from the Alumni Innovation Fund.

In April 2013, Aysen was awarded the Fox Fellowship in 2013 by the MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale University, supporting one academic year of research. Her research is on the cumulative impact of reduced water flow, which is a product of multiple Run-of-River type hydropower projects located consecutively along a river system,  on the sustainability of environment and social-ecological systems. As part of her research, she plans to go back Turkey for fieldwork. After completion of her PhD, she plans to teach and write while continuing her research on political ecology of human-nature systems.

Aysen was also awarded the Prof. Elinor Ostrom International Fellowship on Practice and Policy on Commons in April 2013 which provided her the opportunity to attend the 14th Global Conference of the International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC) held at Mount Fuji, Japan.

When Aysen started her doctoral work in political ecology of run-of-river hydropower, she was inspired by her experience at GESA. She received a Fox International Fellowship to work with Professor Michael Dove at Yale in 2014, and recently completed a 6-month writing up fellowship at the same university.

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