C.N.E. Corbin

Thursday October 01, 2015



Chryl Corbin

GESA 2014  |  U.S.A.  |  Urban Political Ecologist


I want to develop a green space categorization system for municipal governments to aid in retrofitting cities for climate change mitigation and ecosystems creation while protecting neighborhoods from gentrification and providing access to healthy green spaces for all urban residents.

My research examines the relationship between the natural and the built environment. I seek to understand how aesthetics, functionality, and social responsibility can contribute to urban green space (parks and gardens) creation for climate change mitigation and ecosystem creation. Specifically I have been investigating the rise of the Green City in the United States with a special interest on its impact on low-income communities and communities of color in Oakland, CA. I use media as a tool of investigation to understand how visual media (film, television, internet, billboards, signs and urban murals) represent and influence environmental understandings within urban areas. My interests extends to cities, green cities and mega cities real and imagined, (re)envisioning the urban landscape, green space creation both real and imagined, and concepts of alternative modernity.


Chryl Corbin - 1

Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA. Newly created 4 acre park and amphitheater under Measure DD. Completion expected in 2015.

Chryl Corbin - 2

Urban Mural San Francisco, CA in the Mission District by Xavi.

Chryl Corbin - 5

“Water Writes” Urban Mural Oakland, CA.

Chryl Corbin - 3

Truly Living Well Atlanta, GA Urban Garden. African American owned and operated.

Chryl Corbin - 4

City Hall Roof Top Garden in Chicago, IL. It is 11 stories up and was created primarily to combat urban heat island effect.


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