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GEN Community Countries


We now have over 350 emerging environmental changemakers from more than 60 countries as members of the Global Environments Network. They participated in our Global Environments Summer Academies, Global Environments Regional Academies and Community Environmental Leadership Exchanges, joined by GEN Resource People and Core Faculty.


Resource People

The Network’s resource people include outstanding academics, professionals, artists, and activists who together represent an extraordinary diversity of backgrounds and experiences. To ensure continuity in mentoring and to allow personal relationships to develop organically, resource persons usually participate in our summer and regional academies for at least one week, some even staying on for the duration of the course. [see full list here]


Core Faculty

Core faculty comprises organisers from Global Diversity Foundation and resource people who, since the inaugural Global Environments Summer Academy in 2011, have taken on continued and dedicated roles in GEN activities and initiatives. [see full list here]


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