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GEN Community Countries


Global Environments Summer Academy alumni

Ninety seven (97) distinguished Masters and PhD students and professionals from a wide variety of academic disciplines were selected from around the world for GESA, held over 5 years. Comprising speakers of 79 different languages from 54 countries, they have in common exceptional academic backgrounds and broad practical experiences, who have the capacity to become environmental leaders who impact academia, civil society, the private sector or government.

Global Environments Regional Academy

Participants from neighbouring countries in Latin America and North America gathered at two regional academies—the Latin American Academy of Socio-Environmental Leadership held in the Dominican Republic from November 13-22, 2015 and the Okanagan Environmental Leadership Camp held June 10-17, 2017 at Glimpse Lake, British Columbia, Canada—expanding our GEN family by 47 members.


Community Environmental Leadership Exchange

One hundred and thirty (130) Indigenous environmental leaders from over twelve First Nations have gathered during NACELE workshops, sharing innovative methodologies, examples, strategies and tactics to strengthen sovereignty and regenerate traditional knowledge. Participants, from Canada, U.S. and Mexico, comprise Indigenous academics, tribal government members, Indigenous governance officials, and environmental practitioners and activists.


Resource People

The Network’s resource people include outstanding academics, professionals, artists, and activists who together represent an extraordinary diversity of backgrounds and experiences. To ensure continuity in mentoring and to allow personal relationships to develop organically, resource persons usually participate in our summer and regional academies for at least one week, some even staying on for the duration of the course. [see full list here]


Core Faculty

Core faculty comprises organisers from Global Diversity Foundation and resource people who, since the inaugural Global Environments Summer Academy in 2011, have taken on continued and dedicated roles in GEN activities and initiatives. [see full list here]


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