Global Environments Summer Academy alumni

Ninety six (96) distinguished Masters and PhD students and professionals from a wide variety of academic disciplines were selected from around the world for GESA. Comprising speakers of 79 different languages from 43 countries, they have in common exceptional academic backgrounds and broad practical experiences, who have the capacity to become environmental leaders who impact academia, civil society, the private sector or government. GESA participants are highly motivated, willing to explore new ideas and techniques and eager to interact with other students and scholars.



Bryans MukasaBryans Mukasa | 2015 | Uganda | Urban Planner and Designer

It is with deep sorrow that we share the tragic news that Bryans Mukasa passed away on 14 July 2016 in the Amazon, where he was pursuing his dream of a just and sustainable world. Please watch his inspiring presentation at GESA and join us in paying tribute to a remarkable visionary. >> In Memory of Bryans

Chitra BeekooChitradarsinee Beekoo | 2015 | Mauritius | Corporate Environmentalist

Focus: sustainable business development, leadership

I strive to integrate the sustainability mind-set across my workplace and the community through education, positive change management, cleaner production techniques and sustainability projects. >>

Emmanuel Binyuy WirsiyEmmanuel Binyuy Wirsiy | 2013 | Cameroon | Environmentalist

Focus: climate change, community development, sustainable energy, forestry, environmental education

I am passionate about renewable energy systems like biogas plant, small hydro, wind systems and improved stoves that promote people centred development. >>

GESA Participant Profile - Fassil Gebeyehu

Fassil Gebeyehu | 2011 | Ethiopia | Environmental Scientist

Focus: biocultural diversity, environmental education, sustainable development

Building intimate knowledge of biocultural diversity learning and experiences within local communities, I am arming myself to promote sustainable development in a culturally diverse and environmentally rich Ethiopia. >>

Girma KelboroGirma Kelboro Mensuro | 2012 | Ethiopia | Forestry Researcher

Focus: protected area governance

Through continuous personal development, I hope to make a better contribution to environmental components of governance and resource management in Africa in general and in Ethiopia in particular through the positive influences in policy processes. . >>

Preparing for tree planting activities with the Green Belt Movement in the Aberdare Forest Reserve, Kenya in December 2014.

Gloria Kendi Borona | 2015 | Kenya | Conservationist

Focus: sustainable resource management, community livelihoods

I am committed to working with communities and using local ways of knowing as a starting point in improving community livelihoods and ensuring sustainable resource use. I believe the long-term conservation of natural resources lies with empowering, and working with, local/indigenous communities. >>

Local river cleanup in Gyeongju, South Korea on 10 April 2015.Mahugnon Serge Djohy | 2015 | Benin | Sustainable Development Specialist

Focus: economics of climate change, climate change adaptation policy, sustainable regional integration, climate change diplomacy

I am to be a catalyst for change by addressing climate change to reshape our future and create a sustainable world. >>

“I look for every opportunity to be part of a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural group.”Mijasoa Andriamarovololona | 2012 | Madagascar | Agricultural Engineer/Forester

Focus: climate policy (REDD+)

Convinced that bridging the divide between different disciplines and genuinely learning from each other would greatly help advance the search for solutions to our environmental challenges, I committed myself to be one of those much needed ‘bridges’. >>

Moatametsi Disang MonkgeMoatametsi Disang Monkge | 2012 | Botswana | Historian

Focus: cultural evolution, biocultural diversity, indigenous knowledge

Following my PhD, I hope to join a minority civil society organisation that promotes biocultural diversity and helps indigenous peoples protect their knowledge, spreading knowledge to preserve our environments and animal populations for future generations. >>

Nickson Profile Photo - r

Nickson Otieno | 2011 | Kenya | Conservation Biologist (Ornithology, Agro-ecology)

Focus: biodiversity conservation, ecological functions, economic implications

I strive to use scientific methods to understand anthropogenic processes that drive habitat change for biodiversity, and tapping into this knowledge to trigger processes in which society can participate in improving the quality of habitat to benefit nature and humans. >>

"I hope to educate and strengthen the climate risk management capacity of smallholder farmers and stimulate them to develop indigenous micro-climate risks management techniques to secure their livelihood. It will increase smallholder farmer’s knowledge of climate change, enable them prepare effectively for mitigation and adaptation, analyze the effects of climate change on women’s and men’s agriculture, their abilities and capacities to cope."Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu | 2012 | Nigeria | Biodiversity Conservationist and Educator

Focus: agricultural development management, environmental conservation among small farmers

I am interested in communicating the science of climate change to 15 million illiterate smallholder farmers in south-eastern Nigeria using a 20 episode climate risk management radio educational serial drama. >>

Presenting my current research at a departmental seminar, University of Calgary.Samuel KM Agblorti | 2013 | Ghana | Lecturer in Environment and Forced Migration

Focus: unequal power relations, environmental resources

I combine teaching, research and environmental advocacy; particularly focusing on the interplay of power relations in environmental governance between and among vulnerable populations such as refugees and the more stable hosts while mediating in environmental conflicts. >>

Silvia F. MateruSilvia Materu | 2013 | Tanzania | Educator

Focus: ecological integrity, risks assessments, environmental management

I believe it is the role of both policy makers and local community to impose laws and invent socio-economic activities that will prevent further degradation of the environment. I aim to communicate results of my research to raise awareness on this. >>

Tamer & Shingo

Tamer Khafaga | 2011 | Egypt | Botanist

Focus: Bedouin culture, indigenous plants resources

Whilst continuing my leadership role as conservation officer in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, I plan to further my knowledge and understanding of Bedouin culture and the management of arid zone reserves. >>

Picture from Dodola community-based ecotourism during field data collection.Tariku Olana Jawo | 2014 | Ethiopia | Lecturer and Researcher

Focus: livelihood improvement, natural resource conservation, ecotourism, climate change adaptation, mitigation of small holder farmers

My aim is to develop an innovative participatory approach in biodiversity conservation and livelihood development to contribute to poverty reduction and food security. >>

Temesgen OlangoTemesgen Magule Olango | 2013 | Ethiopia | Conservation Biologist

Focus: genetic resource management and conservation

I aspire to work on the integration of biocultural diversity education as mainstream in the curricula of higher academic institutions, which is crucial for the development of a new generation of environmentalists and conservationists to face ever changing environments and climates. >>

Afroja KhanamAfroja Khanam | 2015 | Bangladesh | Political Scientist

Focus: migration and displacement, climate change

Through my research, I would like to contribute in societal and political arenas to “give voice” to people whose lives climate change concretely affect, and who are not often heard in political decision-making. >>

Interviewing Tajik local officials on a topic of transboundary conflict over pasture resources between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.Aliya Ibraimova | 2014 | Kyrgyzstan | Sociologist

Focus: livelihood improvement, integrated natural resource management

I wish to gain profound knowledge of and insights into environmental issues with the aim to make a better livelihood in our region possible. >>

Aziza Akhatova | 2013 | Uzbekistan

I hope to help my country and the region build a path towards an environmentally and socially sustainable future. >>

Chaya Sarathchandra - 0Chaya Sarathchandra | 2014 | Sri Lanka | Researcher

Focus: environmental science, biodiversity conservation, sustainable development

I want to help developing nations achieve socio-economic and environmental sustainability. >>

Jahnavi Pai - 0Jahnavi Pai | 2014 | India | Ecologist

Focus: biodiversity, indigenous knowledge

I partner with local communities towards restoring their faith and dignity as conservation stewards by reviving the rich ecological knowledge they possess. >>

Jing Dai | 2012 | China | Educator

Focus: gender inequality, economic reform, ecological preservation

Through my research on gender and ecology, I am to help create a more sustainable future in both natural and social realms for my homeland. >>

“Policies initiated by top-down mobilization seldom work in post-socialist countries.”KuoRay Mao | 2011 | Taiwan | Sociologist

Focus: sociology, sustainable development

As an activist and sociologist, I will devote my career to examining the conditions under which informal institutions can exist in non-democratic societies and how they can empower local residents to develop suitable strategies to combat environmental issues. >> 

“It is essential to create a support network of like-minded scholars that can serve as one’s sounding board.”Maya Lyn Manocsoc | 2011 | The Philippines | Social Scientist

Focus: sustainable water resource management, climate change

I envision myself leading through scientific research, international in scope but necessarily anchored in a community or project and strongly allied with the academe and civil society. >>

Mirgul Amanalieva - 0Mirgul Amanalieva | 2014 | Kyrgyzstan | Economist

Focus: community engagement, natural resource management, biodiversity conservation

I aim to work on the integration of biocultural diversity education as mainstream in the curricula of higher academic institutions, crucial for the development of a new generation of environmentalists and conservationists …>>

Mohammed AzimMohammad Azim | 2015 | Bangladesh | Environmental Scientist

Focus: Urban waste management, air pollution, climate change, health impacts

I am committed to working in the area of sustainable environmental management, focusing on conserving the environment, ecology and biodiversity of my country. >>

Nigora Safarova - Discussion with village residents on improving bread-baking stoves to reduce wood consumption_TJ 2009Nigora Safarova | 2011 | Tajikistan | Social Anthropologist

My goal is to raise public awareness and trigger better social action to improve the current environmental situation in Tajikistan, and to address the alarming trends in our consumption-oriented global culture.

Research focus: Community agriculture and watershed management in Tajikistan. >>

Animal occupancy survey (through dung plots) in the corridor landscape, carried out in wet and dry seasons coincides with cropping and non-cropping seasons of the year.Paramesha Mallegowda | 2012 | India | Conservation Biologist

I focus on biodiversity conservation with local communities’ involvement and forest managers, emphasising on building local capacity starting at the school level.

Research focus: Identifying the socio-ecological status of the wildlife corridors in a human dominated forest landscape in Western Ghats (India) to develop site specific conservation strategy through interdisciplinary approach…>>

RaghuRaghunandan Velankar | 2011 | India | Plant Ecologist

I hope to lead and indeed interact with like-minded people, while consolidating an understanding of local communities, environmental and development issues.

Research focus: Community-based biodiversity conservation. >>

Ram DeviRam Devi Tachamo | 2011 | Nepal | Environmental Scientist

In the future, I see myself as an academic researcher, conservationist and environmental leader.

Research focus: Ecosystem Services, Freshwater Biodiversity and Vulnerability to Climate Change in Nepal. >>

Rishabh Kumar DhirRishabh Kumar Dhir | 2012 | India | Development Researcher

I aspire to continue working with marginalized people and contribute through relevant writings across national as well as international forums.

Research focus: Sustainable development for achieving harmonious human-environment systems in conjunction with poverty alleviation and principles of human equality, dignity and justice. >>

Rishi Ram BastakotiRishi Ram Bastakoti | 2012 | Nepal | Natural Resource Manager

I want to design my research to create a deeper level of understanding of multi-level policy changes and pressures between the global and the local, especially in the frontier of local livelihoods and globalisation.

Research focus: socio-economic, political/ institutional and environmental dimensions of forest resource management, … >>

Observatory mission to Harra Ramsar Site, Iran.Saber Masoomi | 2013 | Iran | Ecosystem based management and wetland conservation

To be a part of endeavors to improve global environmental structures in the next generation of international environmental acts to have better implementation and resulting in agreements and policies at national and regional levels. >>

Sanju KoiralaSanju Koirala | 2013 | Nepal | Social Environmentalist

I want to advocate for the rights of all kinds of displaced people and establish an organization to work for their benefit and welfare.

Research focus: Development induced displacement and the role of civil society. >>

Shingo Hamada talked about a history of herring fishery in JapanShingo Hamada | 2011 | Japan | Anthropologist

I seek opportunities that offer an active anthropological engagement in developing social and environmental sustainability in fishing communities, especially in Japan.

Research focus: The influences of herring hatchery technology on socio-ecological interactions in northern coastal Japan. >>

Yeeshu Shukla in NepalYeeshu Shukla | 2015 | India | Humanitarian

Ensuring disaster response and recovery processes incorporate critical elements of ecosystem and resilience based approaches.

Research interests: Disaster risk management; climate change adaptation and resilience. >>

Yuan Zheng - 0Yuan Zheng | 2014 | China | Economist

I want to build up my career as an international consultant to provide wise solutions that help achieve sustainable growth in socio-economic and environmental terms.

Research focus: Climate change adaptation and sustainable development. >>

Yuki Yoshida

Yuki Yoshida | 2013 | Japan | Environmental Social Scientist

Exploring the interface of humans and their natural environment has been the unifying theme in my life. The physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the human-nature relationship fascinate me and seem foundational for meaningful, lasting conservation. >>


Three-day canoe trip with the Matis community to reach their village in Amazonas, Brazil.Aili Pyhälä | 2015 | Finland | Socio-environmental Scientist

Focus: human-nature relations, knowledge systems, wellbeing, human and political ecology, conservation psychology

My goal is to serve my purpose the best I can in exchanging knowledge and ideas, establishing connections, mediating between cultures and levels, and inspiring change for a healthier and more equitable planet. >>

Ana Elia Ramon Hidalgo - 0Ana Elia Ramon Hidalgo | 2014 | Spain | Researcher in social ecological systems

Focus: social capita, gender, community empowerment, ecotourism

My goal is to serve as a “knowledge bridge” and facilitate cooperation among local communities, science, governments, industry and civil society for the purpose of co-creating collaborative interdisciplinary spaces that foster social environmental justice. >>

GESA Participant Profile - Anna VargaAnna Varga | 2011 | Hungary | Biologist

Focus: traditional agro-forstry systems

I plan to develop my career as a scientific adviser for farmers and national parks, leading the way in conserving diverse biocultural systems. >>


Aysen ErenAysen Eren | 2011 | Turkey | Industrial Engineer

Focus: transition models and methodologies

As the founder of Sustainable Living Games, I promote personal development based on direct learning while playing group games that create awareness about environmental problems, sustainable living and community building. >>

Brian HardingBrian Harding | 2013 | Ireland | Climate change Specialist

Focus: climate change adaptation

As an environmentalist focused on climate change adaptation, I will continue to help governments around the world face and address issues caused by climate change, providing strategic advice on national development. >>

Eda Elif TibetEda Elif Tibet | 2014 | Turkey | Independent Documentary Filmmaker & Visual Anthropologist

Focus: documentary filmmaking

I aim to advocate for local livelihood rights and their conservation through ethical and anthropologically inspired film-making. >>

Inanc TekgucInanc Tekguc | 2011 | Cyprus | Visual Anthropologist

Focus: participatory photography and video in community-conservation

I aim to continue my collaboration with local communities through photography and video to improve their participation in matters of livelihoods and conservation. >>

GESA Participant Profile - Isabelle KunzeIsabelle Kunze | 2011 | Germany | Social Scientist

Focus: socio-ecological changes in gender relationships

I seek to critically engage with social-ecological interfaces in a changing world by gaining an understanding of policy matters and hands-on skills that can support local environmental knowledge and community institutions. >>

Karlis RokpelnisKarlis Rokpelnis | 2015 | Latvia | Ethnoecologist

Focus: interconnections between environment, resource management, and ethnicity

My mid- to long-term professional goal is to pursue an academic career in both applied research and teaching that spans an increasingly integrated Chinese and foreign academic worlds and focuses on ethnicity and environment. >>

Katja HeubachKatja Heubach | 2011 | Germany | Environmental Scientist

Focus: socio-economic importance of provisioning ecosystem services

I would like to hold a leadership position at the science-policy interface related to biodiversity and social-ecological systems. >>

László DemeterLászló Demeter | 2015 | Ukraine | Biology / Geography / English Teacher

Focus: traditional forest-related knowledge, forest use impacts on forest ecosystems, forest management

Considering the interests of different stakeholders including forest managers, nature conservationists and locals, I would like to (…) as a researcher who helps communication between these stakeholders in landscape scale conservation. >>

Marie WilkeMarie Wilke | 2012 | Germany | Public International Lawyer

Focus: international law, community rights

As a lawyer with experience in the field of sustainable development and natural resources law, I hope to apply my knowledge on international policy processes through future work with indegenous and local communities. >> 

GESA Participant Profile - Rinn MagnusRiin Magnus | 2011 | Estonia | Semiotician

Focus: perception of the environment by the guide-dog and the blind person tandem, movement patterns on and to the Western Estonian islets

Combining my knowledge of semiotics and biology has brought me to an exploration of the meeting points of human and non-human environments. >>

Ruth LittleRuth Little | 2015 | U.K. | Social Scientist

Focus: sustainable intensification of UK livestock production

My goal is to integrate understanding of the human factors that influence the management of disease in livestock into wider debates about how to achieve the sustainable intensification of agriculture. >>

Seline MeijerSeline Meijer | 2014 | The Netherlands | Environmental Scientist

Focus: rarmers’ attitudes and perceptions of agroforestry and deforestation

I aim to further develop my skills and my knowledge of both the ecological and the human dimensions of environmental problems and ultimately contribute to the design and implementation of effective interventions on the intersection of international development, sustainable livelihoods and biodiversity conservation. >>

Silvia Forno - 0Silvia Forno | 2014 | Italy | Rural livelihoods, access to land and natural resources consultant

Focus: visual tools, participatory storytelling

I document and promote success stories of approaches contributing to inclusive negotiations in the access and sustainable use of natural resources by local communities. >>

Ugo D AmbrosioUgo D’Ambrosio | 2015 | Spain | Biologist

Focus: food plants ethnobotany

I want to advance ethnobotanical research on the role of food plants in biocultural diversity persistence and change, especially in urban environments and communities in transition in order to create networks in which biocultural diversity is studied, better understood, valued and promoted in multidisciplinary ways. >>

Vanessa ReidVanessa Reid | 2013 | U.K. | Communications

Focus: indigenous peoples’ and local community rights

I intend to develop my career as an advocate of indigenous peoples’ and local community rights, particularly relating to land and natural resource management, and in finding solutions for food sovereignty. >>

Vedran Lesic - 0

Vedran Lesic | 2014 | Croatia | Behavioural Scientist

Focus: consumers’ decision-making, behavior and perceptions of household energy consumption

As a behavioural scientist, I will continue to explore interactions between human irrationally, technological advancements and policy regulations with an aim of fostering a transition towards more sustainable communities. >>

GESA Participant Profile - Ainka GrandersonAinka Granderson | 2011 | Trinidad & Tobago | Geographer

Focus: community-based climate adaption

By taking a leading role in a civil societal organization, I hope to mobilize individuals and communities to develop environmental solutions that address climate change and other complex environmental problems in the Caribbean. >>

Alfredo Ricardo - 0

Alfredo Ricardo Silva Lopes | 2014 | Brazil | Environmental Historian

Focus: environmental history, disasters and memory

My primary objective as a researcher is to understand through time the various people’s environmental perceptions to help in the development of Disaster Risk Reduction policies. >>

antonia-barreau-daly-sqAntonia Barreau Daly | 2012 | Chile | Forestry Researcher

Focus: rural community food sovereignty, wild edible plants, landscape-community relationships, traditional food systems, landscape degradation, cultural homogenization

I envision myself leading a civil society organization, (…), focusing on bottom-up initiatives that can translate in poverty alleviation while respecting local communities (…). >>

InancTekguc_1208_9678Carlos Ivan Zambrana Flores | 2012 | Bolivia | Conservation Biologist

Focus: indigenous biodiversity governance, climate change

I hope to better influence Bolivian politics and policies on biodiversity and climate change, break the status quo in order to radically shift the regime of environmental governance in Bolivia for a more resilient future, and setting an example to the world. >>

Constanza Monterrubio Solís - in the field 4Constanza Monterrubio Solís | 2015 | Mexico | Biologist

Focus: natural resource management, local governance, food sovereignty

I aim to support local informed decisions on natural resource management, enhancing food sovereignty, the conservation of agrobiodiversity and practices related to it. >>

Daniel Abreu Mejia - 0Daniel Abreu Mejía | 2014 | Dominican Republic | Sustainability Facilitator

Focus: Learning methodologies to foster sustainable behavior and action

My aim is to advance sustainability-oriented actions in decision makers, community leaders and youth. >>

Delicia Pino Garay - in the field 1Delicia Pino Garay | 2015 | Peru | Researcher in tropical ecology and biodiversity conservation

Focus: ecology, diversity and distribution of tropical plant species

I would like to develop and transfer new knowledge that contributes to the conservation of the biodiversity in tropical forests and to promote a responsible attitude toward these forests. >>

Edgar Caballero - 0Edgar Caballero-Aspe | 2014 | Mexico | Educator – Marine Biologist

Focus: connections between experiences in environmental education, action competence and social networks

I create experiences in environmental education that promote individuals growth through social connections and environmental action. >>

Heliodoro Ochoa-GarciaHeliodoro Ochoa-Garcia | 2015 | Mexico | Geographer

Focus: sustainable water governance, environmental conflicts

I want to take part in the development and implementation of multi-stakeholder alternatives towards sustainable water management, taking special care of environmental conflict situations. >>

Isis AlvarezIsis Alvarez | 2013 | Colombia | Communications & Media Outreach

Focus: international forest policy, community empowerment

My aim, through communications and advocacy, is to enhance participation of civil society in policy making. >>

Julián Caviedes Paúl - in the field 1Julián Caviedes Paúl | 2015 | Chile | Agronomist

Focus: biodiversity conservation, traditional ecological knowledge, forest ecology

My purpose is to contribute to the need for conservation and sustainable development in Chile. >>

Karine SteinvorthKarine M. Steinvorth-Rojas | 2015 | Costa Rica | Agronomist-Sustainable Development Practitioner

Focus: information and communications technology, (…) for and from rural communities

My goals would be to promote the practice of sustainable development and biodiversity conservation through the empowerment of rural communities, providing equitable and inclusive spaces (…) >>

Kerstin ForsbergKerstin Forsberg | 2012 | Peru | Conservation Biologist

Focus: “people-based” and multidisciplinary (biological, social, economic) strategies for marine conservation

I plan to exponentially increase the impact of Planeta Océano, further strengthening the quality of our work, the amount and scope of our projects, and scaling-up our organization in Peru and abroad. >>

Leonardo Kumagai - 0Leonardo Kumagai | 2014 | Brazil | Ethnobotanical Researcher

Focus: Spatial distribution of genetic diversity and ethnobotany of Annona mucosa Jacq. in Amazônia

I believe that ethnobotany, ecology and genetics are distinguished tools to understand the use of natural resources as well as their conservation, which leads us to better management of them. >>

Maria Espinosa Romero | 2012 | Mexico | Marine Conservation and Fisheries Program Coordinator

Focus: EBM framework, ecosystem models in Ecopath with Ecosim (EwE)

I could see myself in the future developing and supervising the implementation of novel national policies for a better management of marine resources in Mexico. >>

Mariana Rodriguez | 2013 | Mexico | Museographer

Focus: Natural Sacred Sites, community-based conservation

Through the understanding of the relationships between humans and environment, I aim to support a more equal and just approach to biocultural conservation in Mexico. >>

Mel Simionato Marques - 0

Mel Simionato Marques | 2014 | Brazil | Biologist and ethnobotanist

Focus: tthnobotany, relationships between people and protected areas, scientific divulgation

I wish to improve my skills for strengthening communications between stakeholders to achieve a balance between biodiversity conservation goals and livelihoods. >>

Rocio Rodriguez Granados | 2011 | Colombia | Environmental Anthropologist

Focus: Adaptation of indigenous communities to the changing use of resources and landscapes in the Colombian Amazon

I plan to return to Colombia to lead projects that practice sustainable conservation by balancing the welfare of human communities with the protection of nature. >>

Thiago GomesThiago Gomes | 2013 | Brazil | Ethnoecologist

Focus: social-ecological change, cultural landscapes and ecosystems

I believe my work as an ethnoecologist contributes significantly to making important voices (often unheard) amplified to a larger audience that seeks solutions for the present environmental crisis. >>

Thor Morales | 2011 | Mexico | Biologist

Focus: photography and video for community conservation

My goal is to be engaged with civil society organizations that work towards the conservation of diversity through bottom up initiatives that respect local communities and their environment. >>

Victoria RamenzoniVictoria Ramenzoni | 2012 | Argentina | Anthropologist

Focus: traditional systems of weather prediction

My goal is to work in a transnational organisation in the design of participatory monitoring tools and coping strategies that can directly enhance the socioecological resilience of indigenous communities in Latin America and Indonesia. >>

Yolanda Lopez - 0Yolanda Lopez | 2014 | Mexico | Ecologist & Communitarian Leader

Focus: material flow analysis of hazardous substances in groundwater, human-environment relations

Through the analysis of groundwater and human interactions, I aim to contribute to bring together local and scientific knowledge, and elaborate and evaluate strategies for the transition to sustainable development of this ecosystem. >>

Making cornbread for a feast hosted by the Native Students Union at the University of Victoria. Angela Easby | 2015 | Canada | Social justice activist

Through continued community-based research and participation in social justice struggles, I aspire to be accessible and relevant to subjugated communities in both Central America and Canada (…).

Research focus: (…) investigates the diverse social, environmental, and political impacts of the expanding sugar cane industry (…) in southwestern Guatemala. >>

Chryl Corbin - 0Chryl Corbin | 2014 | U.S.A. | Urban Political Ecologist

I want to develop a green space categorization system for municipal governments to aid in retrofitting cities for climate change mitigation and ecosystems creation while protecting neighborhoods from gentrification (…).

Research focus: Urban Green Space Creation, Green Cities, Mega Cities, Race and Media. >>

Daniel SuarezDaniel Suarez | 2013 | Canada | Social Scientist

I am interested in the relationships between our knowledge and value systems, political institutions, and socio-ecologies.

Research focus: The politics and institutionalization of ecosystem services in environmental governance. >>

Darcie HouckDarcie Houck | 2012 | U.S.A. | Attorney

I hope to (..) on the critical issues faced by Native peoples concerning issues such as environmental contamination, climate change, and energy independence.

Research focus: (…) on protection of Native American Tribal water resources. (…) includes both the right to safe water quality (…), as well as marine/aquatic plants and animals traditionally hunted, fished or gathered by Native American tribes. >>

Janelle Marie Baker - in the field 1Janelle Marie Baker | 2015 | Canada | Environmental Anthropologist

I aspire to increase standards for applied research with First Nations in Canada through (…) collaborative and participatory action research methods and to publish in a manner that is accessible to academics and non-academics alike.

Research focus: First Nations’ perceptions of wild food contamination in Canada’s oil sands region. >>

Joanna Petrasek MacDonaldJoanna Petrasek MacDonald | 2015 | Canada | Human Geographer

For me, a critical piece of environmental leadership is engaging young people in the discussions, research, policy development and programming being done related to local and global environmental issues. (…)

Research focus: Climate change adaptation; Arctic; Inuit; youth; protective factors for resilience and well-being; food security; community-based participatory methods. >>

Joel Correia - headshotJoel Correia | 2013 | U.S.A. | Education

I aspire to work not only as a professor (…) whose work contributes to greater understanding of human-environment relations, but as a leader on the topics of resource access, land tenure and food security. (…)

Research focus: How agrofuel production impacts resource access, land tenure and food security for indigenous (…) in the Paraguay-Brazil borderlands. >>

GESA Participant Profile - Karly BurchKarly Burch | 2011 | Hawaii | Social Scientist

My goal is to combine my passion and experiences with knowledge and skills in order to conduct meaningful research that strives to sustain and improve the livelihoods of farmers and the quality and biodiversity our food systems.


Kasim TirmizeyKasim Tirmizey | 2012 | Canada | Environmental Studies Scholar

Research focus: Using the framework of political economy of environmental change to study contemporary agrarian issues in Pakistan. >>

Kaylena Bray 1Kaylena Bray | 2013 | U.S.A. | Indigenous rights and traditional knowledge advocate

I aim to form a leadership role that takes an approach to global environmental change using multiple schools of thought to influence environmental policy, and creates an important connection to Indigenous ideologies and traditional ecological knowledge. >>

Manoj MisraManoj Misra | 2012 | Canada | Sociologist

I aim to dedicate my career to the benefit of small and marginal farmers in Bangladesh and elsewhere who are disproportionately affected by climate change, industrial agriculture and market fluctuations.

Research focus: Impacts of climate change and market fluctuations on the food security of (…) marginal farmers in three climatic zones of Bangladesh. >>

GESA profile michaelmartinMichael Martin | 2011 | U.S.A. | Biology and Society

(…) By exploring innovative economic incentives that foster sustainable practices and technologies I hope to integrate natural and social science thinking to produce results.

Research focus: (…) potential of biotechnology to contribute to environmental sustainability. >>

Michael MendezMichael Mendez | 2013 | U.S.A. | Environmental Policy and Practice

I plan to pursue a tenured position in academia, with interest in socio-economic issues impacting marginalized communities, (…)

Research focus: (…)  to understand how civil society actors (in particular, communities of color) are influencing the conceptualization of climate change at various scales and geographies (…) >>

michele-koons-sqMichele Koons | 2012 | U.S.A. | Anthropologist

I would like to focus my attention on developing skills necessary to engage with governmental institutions and policy makers and link these skills to my deep knowledge of archaeology and the past.

Research focus: My dissertation research focuses on the political organization of the Moche archaeological culture that inhabited the north coast of Peru between 300 and 800 AD. >>

CittCatherine Williams | 2012 | Australia | Documentary Filmmaker

Focus: climate memory, knowledge systems, participatory media, self-determination

Through the narrative arts, I endeavor to build bridges between diverse peoples. >>

 “‘Ike aku, ‘ike mai. Kokua aku, kokua mai; pela iho nei ka nohona ‘ohana." * Recognize others, be recognized, help others, be helped; such is a family relationship.

Katie L. Kamelamela | 2011 | Hawaiian Islands | Botanist

Focus: Hawaiian ethnoecology

Through the roles that I engage in within my community, I am developing myself as an environmental leader in academia, civil society organizations, government and environmental industry in Hawai‘i. >>

Rowan Howard -WilliamsRowan Howard Williams | 2013 | New Zealand | Communications

Focus: global environmental risk, climate change activism

I intend to focus on academia, which I see as intertwined with my activism and desire for social change), with strong links to civil society, bringing together diverse viewpoints and working to ensure they have a voice in deciding our global future. >>



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