Daniel Abreu Mejía

Friday October 02, 2015



Daniel Abreu Mejía

GESA 2014  |  Dominican Republic  |  Sustainability Facilitator


To advance sustainability-oriented actions in decision makers, community leaders and youth.

Daniel Abreu Mejia - 0I ended up in the environmental realm while working as researcher on poverty, human development and democratic participatory issues with the UNDP. My first academic qualifications was in management which evolved into analyzing corporate social responsibility and social marketing theories and cases. Gradually I moved to incorporate sustainability concerns, eventually completing a Masters Degree in Development Studies with the Institute of Social Studies of the University of Rotterdam (ISS) in the Netherlands, and another one in Public Policy from the University of Barcelona.

I have completed research nationally and internationally on issues related to climate change, democratic participation and risk management for institutions such as the GIZ, Greenpeace International, Transparency International, and the offices for Latin America of UNDP and UNICEF.

More recently I have worked as a coordinator for the participation of adolescents and youth for UNICEF and for the Dominican Federation of Municipalities. I am a member of the Advisory Board on Risk Management for the Ministry of Education, and am currently working as a consultant on initiatives related to risk management and climate change adaptation for various UN agencies. I engage with a presidential council as the focal point of a UN project on climate change learning with UNITAR and UNESCO. I also advise and provide trainings for NGOs working on environmental and sustainability themes.

In a nutshell, I believe environmental and sustainability issues are too crucial to only be treated by specialists. My aim is to become a bridge that connects sustainability-related experts and researchers with practitioners and citizens that can make positive changes on the ground.


Daniel Abreu Mejia - 1

Children and youth represent more than half of the population of many developing countries. With the support of UNICEF, we promote their active participation in seeking solutions for more inclusive and sustainable communities.

Daniel Abreu Mejia - 2

Coastal areas in the Caribbean are very vulnerable to climate change. Together with UNESCO, we work with schools to train students to understand sustainability issues and build more resilient communities.



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