Dimitris Papageorgiou

Tuesday March 19, 2019

Dimitris Papageorgiou


As a young kid growing up in the mountainous region of Ioannina, Greece, Dimitris came to have a passion for natural landscapes, wildlife, local culture and traditions. After leaving his hometown to study Agricultural Economics and Rural Development in Athens and broaden his horizons in Czech Republic, France, Germany and Austria, he continued to hold a strong connection and appreciation for these core elements of Mediterranean culture. Additionally, through multiple internships in the fields of sustainable agriculture, organic food and regional development, Dimitris steered his career towards strengthening sustainable livelihoods and well-being. In the meanwhile, he tried to spend his free time volunteering in culture, humanitarian and agriculture related initiatives, travel-learning and being as close to nature and rural lifestyles as possible. The earned academic knowledge and personal interests started complementing one another. 

The main disciplines of Dimitris’ MSc are organic agriculture, agroecology and food systems. However, other well-covered topics varied from agrobiodiversity conservation to food sovereignty and ethics, resilience of agricultural systems and sustainable management of natural resources. With his recently completed thesis on local knowledge about ecologically sustainable wild medicinal plant harvesting, he aims to contribute to biodiversity conservation in Lemnos island (Greece), raising ecological awareness and supporting local traditional cultural practices.

Dimitris is currently formulating a paper to publish his work and recently joined another ecological/social sustainability project taking place on the island of Samothraki (Greece). He is always looking for new collaborations and opportunities to put his long- earned knowledge and expertise into practice.

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