Edgar Caballero-Aspe

Friday October 02, 2015

Visiting Barrow, the northernmost point of Alaska for the Mexico Alaska Youth Interchange


Edgar Caballero-Aspe

GESA 2014  |  Mexico  |  Educator – Marine Biologist


Create experiences in environmental education that promote individuals growth through social connections and environmental action.

I believe in connections. My life plan is to build upon them. Since I started my undergraduate program in Marine Biology, I have been able to connect my academic experience with my practical experiences. In this journey, I have been involved in ways that my soul and body have learnt to connect with ecosystems. I did a one-year specialty which led me to understand that environmental problems are a human creation. Eventually I did a Masters in environmental sciences which set my passion for environmental education and its research. With that experience, I was able to lead many of my environmental education initiatives in an amazing multi-disciplinary sea turtle conservation project.

Not feeling comfortable staying still, I searched for more great educative experiences. I had the opportunity to continue my education in Australia with my same Masters supervisor, Laura Barraza. Coming to Melbourne to study a PhD has been one of the most exciting and challenging times for me. I have come to understand that the physical, spiritual and emotional human body in connection with the social and natural environment are rather essential for environmental education. I am preparing for the following years, as they will be a time for me to create connections with others, among cultures, knowledge sources, body and spiritual expressions.

My choice is to create educative experiences for young people from different countries and cultures. In addition, I am interested to connect with the digital learning environments and platforms that can help design and implement rich educational experiences. I seek to develop an organization to create educational experiences, connecting young people from different countries and cultural backgrounds. This will lead my future steps.


Edgar Caballero - 1

Developing activities during a conference for students in the northern mountains of the state of Oaxaca in Mexico.

Edgar Caballero - 2

During the Mexico Alaska Youth Interchange, we helped researchers in the field. Here, we were digging a gravel point to find bones from ancient Inupiaq burials.

Edgar Caballero - 4

Playing with students from indigenous communities from Mexico in Alaska, experiencing the phenomenon called “midnight sun”.


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