GESA Alumni Testimonials

Wednesday October 26, 2016

My experience at GESA in 2014 changed me in more ways than one: it opened me up to new ideas and connections, and new ways of existing in the world. ~ Daniel Abreu Mejía from Dominican Republic, GESA 2014. >> read more

At the professional level, GESA helped to widen my view of environmental issues worldwide while sharing with people from different backgrounds yet somehow involved in the same line of work. ~ Isis Alvarez from Colombia, GESA 2013. >> read more

The biggest disadvantage of being independent meant not having colleagues and peers to learn from. After my participation in GESA, I found peers from across the world! It is a joy to interact, connect with and learn from the experiences of my fellow participants. Being able to participate in the prestigious GESA was, for me, an acknowledgement of my spirit of freedom and boundless possibilities. ~ Jahnavi Pai from India, GESA 2014. >> read more

As part of the GESA programme, we visited the office of IUCN – the International Union for Conservation of Nature – in Gland, Switzerland. A conversation that started that day has eventually led to an amazing job opportunity. ~ Seline Meijer from The Netherlands, GESA 2014. >> read more

The theme of wellbeing and internal and personal sustainability within environmental and social activism continued to emerge throughout conversations during GESA. This led a group of us to create a project researching how food sovereignty, food justice and alternative food systems can be agents for wellbeing. ~ Vanessa Reid, UK, GESA 2013. >> read more

It is tempting, as a scientist, to see one’s topic in a material way, but with what I learned at GESA – not only from the formal sessions and workshops, but from my friends as well – I am more than ever aware that water is more than simply the material I work with. It is part of us, it is at the heart of life itself. This makes me approach my work with new eyes. ~ Yolanda Lopez from Mexico, GESA 2014. >> read more

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