Godelive Ayinkamiye

Tuesday May 22, 2018

Godelive Ayinkamiye



I hold a Bachelor in Biology and Conservation (specifically Botany and Conservation), awarded by National University of Rwanda in 2012, and now have 5 years experience in the conservation sector. With a specific interest in biodiversity conservation, I have been participating in community activities aimed at preserving the natural forests in Rwanda and beyond. One example is promoting the use of improved cooking stoves. I participated in ‘The African Youth Environmental Network Conference on Environmental Conservation (UNEP – TUNZA)’, organised by the United Nations for Environment Protection, and the ‘Workshop on Smart Green Village of Rwanda Toolkit’, organised by Rwanda Environment Management Authority. Since 2016, I have also participated in ‘Conversation on Conservation Forum and Kwita Izina’, held annually by the Rwanda Development Board. I am a committed, passionate woman who wants to create a positive change in my community by integrating biodiversity conservation, community health and livelihoods, agriculture, entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

In Biodiversity Awareness: A Story of Hope, I tell the story of how I changed from an unaware child who did not recognise or respect how our lives are interconnected with plants and animals, to who I am today. Women within my community play pivotal roles in conserving life for the future: using their rich experience and broad knowledge, women can mobilise campaigns and training sessions in support of biological diversity, food security and cultural diversity. Read my article here.

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