Global Environments Summer Academy participants automatically become a member of the Global Environments Network, a collective leadership network that promotes social and environmental justice, strengthening wellbeing at scales from local to global.

What GESA participants and resource people have to say


Impact stories


In 2016, we launched a systematic process to evaluate and improve our impact on individuals and our global relevance. We continue to interview members to this end, inviting them to send us short impact interview videos. We are also developing a GEN Impact Strategy for publication in 2018. Learn more about our interview process and member responses: GEN Interviews: Where is GEN, where are we going, and how should we get there?


Alumni collaborate


Over the years, we have seen alumni strengthen relationships and begin exciting collaborations after leaving the academy. Some have come together to plan and carry out GEN events, or other innovative work, some through support from the GEN Alumni Innovation Fund.



GEN held its first European Community Exchange in Barcelona in September 2017, gathering 33 professionals working at the frontline of policy and practice on seeds in Europe. GESA alumni Ugo D’Ambrosio (2015), Inanc Tekguc (2011) and Nessie Reid (2013) were core coordinators and facilitators of the event.



Five GESA alumni organised a panel at the Conservation Optimism Summit in April 2017. Anna Varga (2011), Inanc Tekguc (2011), Kerstin Forsberg (2012), Nessie Reid (2013), and Ugo D’Ambrosio (2015) joined forces with faculty members Ruth Krause, Emily Caruso, Gary Martin and Raj Puri to share their optimistic vision and ground-breaking work. 



In collaboration with Canadian indigenous organisation IndigenEYEz (a connection facilitated by two GESA alumna from different years, Angela Easby and Ana Elia Ramon Hidalgo), GDF-US hosted an arts and environmental leadership Regional Academy in the Okanagan region of British Columbia.



[Read about other alumni collaborations here]

We strive to do better


Every year, we implement lessons learned from previous academies, constantly updating and improving our programme and methods.


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