Inanc Tekguc

Saturday October 03, 2015



Inanc Tekguc 

GESA 2011  |  Cyprus  |  Visual Anthropologist


I aim to continue my collaboration with local communities through photography and video to improve their participation in matters of livelihoods and conservation.

I saw the potential of visual tools, through their arguably universal nature, to create awareness about the importance of biocultural diversity.

Recently I quit a promising career in business to follow my interest in photography and cultural diversity through a Master of Art in Visual Anthropology at the University of Kent, UK. Course discussions about climate change, sustainable development, eco-tourism and conflict between conservation projects and local communities broadened my views and helped me to understand how biological and cultural diversity are inseparable and interdependent.

I became interested in using my visual anthropology training as a tool to explore the relationship between humans, other species and their shared ecosystems. My studies took me to Kenya for my thesis, where I studied the motivations of a local Samburu community to choose communitybased conservation as a method for adapting to changes brought about by globalization. I visually documented the convergence of international conservation efforts and local communities to support both biodiversity conservation and sustainable livelihoods.

Currently, I am traveling in Southeast Asia where I am improving my understanding and experience in the field by volunteering for various community based projects in the Philippines and Malaysia. This includes the use of photographs and videos for geotagging and community mapping, and inter-community training in the use of visual tools.

Inanc returned to GESA 2013 as a resource person and co-organised the North American Community Environmental Leadership Exchange in October 2013 with Kaylena Bray (2013) and resource person Susannah McCandless

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