Katja shares her GESA Experience

Wednesday April 04, 2012

by Katja Heubach (Germany, GESA 2011 alumna)

Katja’s PhD research focused on the economic valuation of ecosystem services and their contribution to rural household economies in Benin, West Africa. She is seen here with some of her colleagues and research assistants as well as traditional local healers.

Katja is a postdoctoral researcher with the Department of Geobotany, Biodiversity & Climate Research Center, Goethe University Frankfurt. In January this year, she delivered a presentation to her department on her experience during GESA 2011. Entitled ‘A short summary of persons involved, main content and (personal) outcomes’, Katja provided an account of her experience, elaborating on the various modules of the course, ranging from lectures, conference, research methods, policy matters, research cafe, ethnobotany break, creative interactions and video screenings.

Her audience comprised mostly of PhD and Master students from the natural sciences (geobotany, environmental sciences, ecology, ethnobiology). Asked about the reason she gave the talk, she said ‘I wanted to share my experience to tell people about the unique gathering of interesting people, disciplines and (research) methods and to invite especially the younger students to think a bit wider than their own subject - and, lastly, to apply for GESA this or another year’.

Click here to view Katja’s presentation.

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  1. inanc says:

    hats off to you Katja. Very nice presentation with quite a nice organisation of the course profile. I should have expected this after having seen your class notes 🙂


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