Maya Lyn Manocsoc

Sunday October 04, 2015



Maya Lyn Manocsoc

GESA 2011  |  The Philippines  |  Social Scientist


I envision myself leading through scientific research, international in scope but necessarily anchored in a community or project and strongly allied with the academe and civil society.

In 2007, I conducted fieldwork for my first Master’s thesis on the social construction of an urban riverine slum environment along the Mangonbangon River in Tacloban City, Philippines. Later, in 2009, I worked on small rice farmers’ adaptation to climate change in the Philippines. Both researches highlighted poverty-environment interactions, with the latter also underscoring the impacts of climate change on vulnerable populations.

I am currently pursuing a second Master’s degree on technology and resources management, with a focus on water. My fieldwork explores the interactions of  agricultural land use and salinity intrusion due to sea level rise in Dien Ban District in Central Vietnam. This will inform my thesis which will explore water resources management in the context of climate change and sustainable consumption and production.

At present, I am linking development and poverty to the technology and resource-based management of water, which requires proficiency in social science research methods as well as modeling and computer assisted approaches. I believe that to be a thought leader, I must be well-versed in many and different analytical tools. It is essential to create a support network of like-minded scholars that can serve as one’s sounding board.

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