Mirgul Amanalieva

Sunday October 04, 2015

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Mirgul Amanalieva 

GESA 2014  |  Kyrgyzstan  |  Economist


I would like to contribute to the preservation of species and ecosystem biodiversity by developing rural areas. In the future, I would like to work on the integration of bicultural diversity education as mainstream in the curricula of higher academic institutions, which is crucial for the development of a new generation of environmentalists and conservationists to face ever changing environments and climates.

I am an economist and rural development specialist. After graduating from the Kyrgyz-Slavic University in Kyrgyzstan, I worked in rural development mainly focusing on natural resources co-management and social enterprising. Working in my home institution, the Rural Development Fund (RDF), I gained useful experience on community development and resource use; however I realized the need to learn more about natural resource management.

My main goal to attend this training course is to receive a solid knowledge and understanding of issues related to natural resource management and rural development. I believe that knowledge will help me to do better job: to do research and to make better policy recommendations, which in turn would contribute to livelihood improvements in my country.

I am convinced that knowledge received during the course will give me better understanding of the fundamental principles of the management of resources, social institutions, good governance, as well as tools to improve the governance in management of natural resources through promotion of rights of rural people in Kyrgyzstan. I would like to bridge the gap between my current practical experience and the accumulated international theoretical knowledge. Participating in this course would make me closer to reaching my goals and dreams, and it would be beneficial not only for me, but for all the people with whom and for whom I work.


Local solutions for local development

My current projects on Natural Resource Management is “Equitable access to pasture use for beekeepers in Kyrgyz Republic Kyrgyz” funded by Bees for Development, UK. One of the main goals of this project to enable beekeepers to create viable and sustained livelihoods by achieving legitimate and recognized access and use rights to contested pasture to keep bees. This will lead directly to poverty alleviation and conflict mitigation and will contribute to biodiversity maintenance.

I was involved as a researcher is “Promoting Community Joint Forest Management in Kyrgyzstan”, funded by The Christensen Fund, USA. The Project aims to develop, test and promote a model for cooperation among local communities, local government, and the public forestry agency in sustainable forest management in Batken and Chon-Kemin, two geographically and socially differing areas in southern and northern Kyrgyzstan.

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The practical part of the training on beekeeping for representatives of the local community.

Mirgul Amanalieva - 2

Discussions with representatives of donor organizations, the project results and further involvement of local communities in decision-making on natural resource management in the region.

Mirgul Amanalieva - 3

Discussion of the route maps movement of beekeepers in Kemin region.

Mirgul Amanalieva - 4

Creating a business plan for the micro grant program under the project “Conflict prevention and peace-building in Kyrgyzstan”.

Mirgul Amanalieva - 5

Collecting information for the study of conflict around the use, consumption and distribution of irrigation water in southern Kyrgyzstan.

Mirgul Amanalieva - 6

Winners of the competition “Bees around us” held among schools in the Kok Oyrok region; the students showed the importance of beekeeping to improve pastures and biodiversity of the region.

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