GEN Pillars


The Network is composed of alumni, core faculty and resource people from our events: Global Environments Summer Academies, Global Environments Regional Academies and Community Environmental Leadership Exchanges. They collaborate as organisers and/or resource people on further GEN events and join forces to implement projects funded by the Alumni Innovation Fund.



Global Environments Summer Academies

Summer academies nurture emerging environmental changemakers through peer to-peer learning and sustained interactions. Participants benefit through networking opportunities, enhanced communication skills and cutting-edge, transdisciplinary reflection. >>




Global Environments Regional Academies

Regional academies gather participants from within global regions to focus on specific environmental or social themes, and to witness compelling case studies of environmental resilience, ecological restoration and community adaptation to change. >>





Community Exchanges

These community-led exchanges are spaces for sharing innovative methodologies, examples, strategies and tactics to address specific issues and strengthen sovereignty. They aim to enhance wellbeing at community and landscape scales, seeding durable networks for mutual support. >>



GEN Projects

Grants provided through the GEN Alumni Innovation Fund stimulate our community to maintain creative collaborations by implementing practical actions, convening mutual learning spaces and developing joint reflections. >>




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