GEN Projects


Global Environments Network facilitates connections, exchange and collaborations among GEN event participants and resource people, building durable partnerships that guarantee the sustainability of the network and impacts at multiple scales. Ideas borne from intense discussions held at GEN events have led to successful collaborations, some of which have been funded by the GEN Alumni Innovation Fund. Members of the GEN community have also seized opportunities to engage in other settings, such as conferences and ad hoc meetings, strengthening bonds while creating spaces for intellectual debate.

Some of these initiatives are listed here:

  • Future Farmers, Owerri, Nigeria: Establishing a Community-Run Training Farm at Amiri Community Girls Secondary School – Through a project grant from the Alumni Innovation Fund, GESA alumni supported students to help establish a community-run pineapple and catfish farm at the Amiri Community Girl’s Secondary School.

Four alumni from the Global Environments Summer Academy, (L-R) Antonia Barreau, Daniel Abreu, Yolanda Lopez and Ana Elia Ramon Hidalgo, co-organised the first GEN regional academy in Latin America (Photo by Felipe Rodriguez Moreno).



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