Thor Morales

Friday October 02, 2015



Thor Morales

GESA 2011  |  Mexico  |  Biologist


My goal is to be engaged with civil society organizations that work towards the conservation of diversity through bottom up initiatives that respect local communities and their environment.

My work experience is within community conservation contexts where sociocultural aspects are as important as biological issues. I believe any conservation project that is imposed on a community is doomed to fail. Change must come from the roots up, not the other way around.

I have a strong interest in using photography and video as powerful and sensitive tools to protect ecosystems and cultures, allowing more people to get involved in the everyday struggle to achieve a better world. Participatory video and photography are resources than can attract peoples’ attention both locally and globally. It’s not only about filming and documenting, it’s about moving beyond using images to make a change both within the communities and outside them.

The only way to achieve conservation is by involving people, especially indigenous groups, who have strong bonds with their land and nature.

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