GESA 2011 ends with visit to Herrmannsdorfer organic farm

Sunday August 28, 2011

by Gary Martin (GEN Founder & Executive Director)

Herrmannsdorfer landscape

GESA 2011 ended on Friday with an excursion to Herrmannsdorfer Landwerkstätten, an organic farm and microbrewery 30 km southeast of Munich. The remaining GESA participants were joined by colleagues from the Rachel Carson Center for a superb tour of the grounds given by Gabriele Birkett, who took us to the animal yards, bakery, symbiotic agriculture area, slaughterhouse and store.

At the end of a warm sunny afternoon, we all celebrated by enjoying the home brew (including an excellent wheat beer, my favorite) along with a brotzeit– a Bavarian small meal of bread, cheeses, meat and fresh vegetables, all locally produced in this case at Herrmannsdorfer. While I wait for the results of the course evaluation, and ponder changes we will make for the 2012 edition of the Global Environments Summer Academy, I am convinced that the trip to Hermannsdorfer is a ‘keeper’.

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